Our Philosophy

Developing a dedicated and sustainable relationship with the local communities

In terms of purporting a sustainable impact with the local community, Mayfox Mining is committed on several fronts. Indeed the mining sector can be said to be relatively ‘young’ in Kenya, with all social and professional consequences that follow. Mineral reserve areas are left adrift, impacted only by occasional artisan miners, who find themselves working not only as abusive professionals, but are also subject to harshly unsafe conditions; these workers are thus exposed not only to the risks unregulated mining operations, but also of the frequent aggression and theft even for strictly marginal findings.
Having researched and witnessed these conditions alongside the existing communities, at Mayfox Mining we are firmly aware of the ethical and social need to an extensive inclusion of the latter in our operations. Not only are we committed to ensuring extensive degrees of local content in our employment, but we are also committed to a first-rate formation of local resources. The sustained training of local skills in the operation and management of our fields is something in which Mayfox Mining believes strongly, for an ever-increasing mutual benefit between the company and our close communities.

Before Mayfox can contribute with direct involvement (i.e. beginning of operations), we have began committing to the ‘Little Sun’ projects, in aid of the communities in Turkana. ‘Little Sun’ consists in a solar-powered LED lamp, designed by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen, as part of an initiative of achieving the supply of low cost electric light in areas poorly supplied by infrastructure. Further information regarding the Little Sun initiative can be found at www.littlesun.com.

Contributing to the definition and growth of the country’s mining sector.

The current expansion of the mining sector, in which Mayfox Mining is proud to partake, will likely imply a development of the legal and commercial infrastructure in the field, as recent governmental initiatives suggest. At Mayfox we hope we can contribute strongly, at any occasion, and for this matter we pride ourselves with being a prime and close affiliate to the Kenya National Chamber of Mines. At any level, from that of financial regulation, to that of professional and safety standards, we are committed to putting our experience at the service of public regulators. In the recent past we have proudly represented, alongside the Chamber of Mines and other local companies, the interests and rights of the Kenyan mining sector and national and international occasions, and we thus hope we can constructively continue to do this, both locally and globally, to ensure that the fertile Kenyan Mining sector continues to prosper, as it rightfully should. Integrating between local investments and international financial markets

Our third principle, that of integrating our operations to international financial markets.

As an international Board, with wide-ranging experience across different sectors, and throughout different regions, we are aware of the crucial relevance, and benefit, that the leverage on international financial markets can bring to the local investments. Evidently this leverage will thrive as the social, legal, and commercial infrastructure of the Kenyan mining sector pursues in its consolidation. We thus aim to contributing to this growth, as our strategic intentions are to foster our operations via a public placement of the company, with increasingly global reaches, as operations proceed.

Three motives, one vision, at Mayfox Mining.

The strong interrelations between the three main principles driving our company’s philosophy can thus be resumed: we intend to grow with Kenya, a growth we very much believe in, and aim at contributing to place its mining sector on the global financial map. In order to do so, for the long term ahead, Mayfox Mining is all the more aware of the crucial relevance of developing a safer, sustainable, and skilled environment for all local content involved. We thus invite you to send us any consideration you might find useful, and we very much hope you will join us in growing alongside this prosperous country, for the prosperous future we foresee.